Uplift Mentoring started in 2018 at Ireland Drive Middle School. We meet once a week after school for various sessions and activities. The program is ran by founder Tameka S Bright and Guidance Counselor of Ireland Drive Middle School Stephanie Pilgrim.


To Uplift every child to achieve their purpose, passion and promise. By doing this Uplift will plant the characteristics of character, class, and purpose in all of our participants. Uplift will instill the principal that each participant is loved, are fearfully and wonderfully made and can achieve all things with the right mindset. 


The purpose of this mentoring program is to help show each child their full potential in anything they want to accomplish and to equip each child with the sills need to deal with worldly issues. The mentoring program will cover academics, social awareness, career and higher education.
For More information about the program or if you would like to be a sponsor please email info@tamekabright.com